Thursday, 4 September 2008


9-11 Castle Street, Cardiff [map]

This self-styled 'party venue' is the most recent addition to Cardiff's ever-growing assortment of soulless chain bars aimed at idiots.

When we meandered past on a recent Saturday night, we were stunned to observe people joining a queue that must have been at least an hour long. "Wow, that place must be amazing," we didn't think.

Still, a couple of weeks later, we nonetheless decided to pop in early enough on a Saturday evening that there was no queuing or, indeed, hardly anyone else in the vast alcopop emporium - although we were later joined by a gaggle of camouflage-clad women on a hen do.

Revolution may give the pretence of being a 'prestige' hostelry that also happens to double as an 1100-capacity club. The reality is that it's about as classy as a DVD boxset of Totally Jodie Marsh: Who'll Take Her Up The Aisle?

That said, the bar staff are attentive. We'd barely have time to finish one of our £5-a-go cocktails, which were more ice than booze, before they would scurry over to our table to offer more.

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