Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Royal George

1-5 Mackintosh Place, Roath [map]

The George is situated on the least pedestrian-friendly junction in Cardiff. Indeed, it'll take you so long to cross the road here that you might as well stop off for a drink in the process.

To the bar, where there is clear evidence of women drinking pints. And there was us thinking that such behaviour simply isn't tolerated in South Glamorgan.

The big screen has been lowered, the curtains have been drawn and there's an enormous portion of chips on the way. It can mean but one thing: Wales are playing rugby.

It's only lunchtime and it's dead sunny outside but this is like being in the depths of some slightly skanky late-night boozehole.

It's not quite the ambience we were hoping for, to be honest.

Peer behind the bar and it's like yanking back the drapes obscuring the Wizard of Oz. Just inches below those shiny chrome taps it's all loose wires and debris.

On this evidence, the entire pub is nothing more than a flimsy facade held together by Sellotape and Carlsberg-fuelled hopefulness.

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