Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Splotlands

2-3 Meteor Street, Adamsdown [map]

Now here's a pub that's not taking any chances with its Sky Sports reception. It's satellite dish chic gone mad.

Those dual antennae certainly don't go to waste, though.

If you can't even be arsed to turn your head towards the big screen while waiting for your drink, they've helpfully installed a secondary monitor directly above the tills.

Ah, the old amber nectar. Lovely stuff.

There's a certain dilapidated charm to the place.

And look at that: having a chinwag over a pint of lager and a bag of dry roasted peanuts. Quality pubbery, right there.

It's physically impossible to be bored in The Splotlands.

If the readily available repartee or banks of TV screens aren't enough to keep you entertained, there's a dartboard, a pool table and even a test-your-punching-power boxing game.

Probably best to give that a miss if you've had more than, let's say, four pints.

This is also one of the few pubs in Cardiff to house a piano.

Although in our experience, if you're drunk enough to attempt to play a piano in public, you're also drunk enough that being able to operate any form of musical instrument is far, far beyond your capabilities.

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