Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Robin Hood

16 Severn Grove, Pontcanna [map]

The air outside the Robin Hood is thick with testosterone today. It's an aroma that's not a million miles removed from that of Lynx Alpha.

Having inhaled all that Lynx, we're a bit light-headed by the time we shuffle inside.

Fortunately there's some form of emergency lighting device on the bar to lead us in the right direction.

Oooh, and they've got crisps too. All the crisps.

This is, of course, the pub that was once run by Charlotte Church's parents. But the celebrity links don't end there.

They've got signed photos on the walls of everyone from Wales's drunkest man Rhys Ifans to Terry Jones, in the guise of Monty Python's Mr Creosote.

The plaque even reads, "Terry Jones. Monty Python. Mr Creosote." Just in case you thought that's what he usually looks like.

But, more excitingly, tonight they're holding a wake for someone who's not actually dead yet, as they wanted to attend their own funeral.


For those of us still in the land of the living, there's a good-sized outside area round the back, too.

Although between that barbecue hardwired into an enormous gas cylinder and the TV set with a mains connection that looks as if it's been strung together by Dodgy Dave himself, we wouldn't be entirely surprised if there are a few more wakes here in the very near future.


Rachael said...

I went in to the Robin Hood for the first time a few weeks ago, having just moved to the area. I can’t say I was all that impressed. From the outside it looks lovely and just where you’d want to spend your summer evenings, sat outside with a glass of wine in hand watching the Pontcanna life go by (although that wouldn’t be too hectic) but inside. Inside I thought looked - and smelt - dated and well, grubby. The ladies toilets were shocking and I judge a lot of pubs on the state of their loos.

That said, it was a good night, the bar staff were friendly and they served my boyfriends favorite ale so all was well in the world but it’s not somewhere I’d consider eating in or spending a huge amount of time drinking in either.


Pint of 45 said...

You're right - you can definitely tell a lot about a pub by its loos. As this blog perhaps goes to demonstrate:

Anonymous said...

Positives to the pub are central location in Pontcanton, decent sized front beer garden (which gets the sun all day) and even bigger massive rear garden (ive never seen such a busy beer garden at midnight on saturday in november and decemeber!)

Not an amazing selection of beers and lagers but staff are very friendly and quick. The pub does seem to attract a wide range of people (is the politest way to put it! lol)

Well recommended from me!

But overall a great local pub!