Monday, 2 August 2010


42 The Hayes, Cardiff [map]

The grand old Duke has just reopened after something of a makeover.

But we're keeping it old school with a report on the pre-refurbishment Wellingtons. Never knowingly up-to-date: that is how we roll.

Still, one of the many good things about the pub - refit or otherwise - is that it's next door to a Greggs. So you're never more than 20 seconds away from a disturbingly cheap pasty.

Very much a bar of two halves, this: Brains produce on the left, genero-brands to the right.

Plus a lesser-spotted 45 bottle opener next to the till.

All those columns mean there's a very low seating-to-floor-space ratio.

Not that it makes a great deal of difference when there's merely one other person in the joint. (In fairness, we should mention that it had only just opened for the day.)

The Photographer, during his rare glimpses of sobriety, loves darts.

Hence this overwhelmingly dull close-up of a dartboard.

An old boot, half a rugby ball and some faded newspaper clippings: the sort of nonsense display that you don't see enough of in pubs these days.


David said...

Pub fact: this is the first Cardiff pub I ever had a pint in during a school trip.

Paul said...

I once got snowed in here. Went in for a quick pint, nothing more, a lunchtime starter, it started snowing ended up leaving at half eleven. The toilets are endless.

Pint of 45 said...

I can think of worse places to be snowed in.