Monday, 15 March 2010


213 City Road, Roath [map]

Don't be put off by the restaurant-esque stylings of the exterior: booze is readily available inside. We checked. At some length.

As the awning handily indicates, Milgi is actually Welsh for "Kitchen, lounge, gallery".

No beer on tap, sadly, but they've got more spirits than you can shake a gastric irrigation tube at.

On a lager tip, there's the ever-reliable Red Stripe or, weighing in at a mighty 5.9% volume, Desperados - which cunningly amalgamates beer with tequila.

It's like they've bottled a student drinking game.

The decor is all vintage chic, battered sofas, knick-knacks and bunting (something of a recurring Pint of 45 theme). We suspect that a woman may have been responsible.

Head out to the beer garden and you're confronted by an enormous, disco ball-equipped yurt - quite possibly the only one on City Road.

To be honest, it's a lot to cope with after you've been at the Desperados all afternoon.

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