Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Cwtch Mawr

10 Cathedral Road, Pontcanna [map]

Cwtch Mawr (Welsh for the nauseatingly twee 'big cuddle') is part of boutique hotel Jolyon's. Posh, innit?

For some reason, The Photographer is particularly thrilled by the prospect of a pint of McEwan's.

It's not much of a drink, to be honest, but it did inspire this memorable 1980s TV advert. So that's good.

Shit me, look at the size of that jar of olives. It's as if we've had an alcoholic blackout and ended up in Wally's Deli by mistake.

Actually, this is a bit like sitting in the drawing room of some grand country house. Albeit one that happens to have three different types of lager on tap.

A doorway with the words The Writing Room above it leads into this idiosyncratic little corner, home to the ugliest seats in Pontcanna.

Head down those steps on the left and you'll wend your way to the hotel reception.

Any temporary accommodation in which you're obliged to go through a bar in order to reach your room is all right by us.

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