Friday, 21 January 2011

Y Mochyn Du

Sophia Close, Pontcanna [map]

A funny looking pub, this. It's as if it was designed by the Brothers Grimm while taking a quick break from composing fairy tales about cannibalistic witches.

Plenty of choice at the bar, with a particular focus on wine, quality lagers such as Grolsch and Amstel, and (whisper it) various types of coffee.

What sort of sick pervert goes to the pub only to then order a cup of coffee?

There's a particularly hilarious game of Angry Birds going on at the bar, by all accounts.

It's cavernous rather than cosy but this does at least mean there's always somewhere to sit.

Note also ready supply of HP Sauce and other condiments at the end of the bar. Anywhere that eschews those hopeless little sachets of ketchup in favour of squeezy bottles is all right by us.

There's both a conservatory and a large decked area outside so, weather permitting, you've got an embarrassment of seating options.

Trees shooting up through the middle of decking always slightly disturbs us though. Like drinking coffee in pubs, it's just not right.

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