Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Cayo

36 Cathedral Road, Pontcanna [map]

This place looks more like a guest house than it does a pub. And - what do you know? - upstairs it offers five en suite bedrooms.

Which must come in handy if you've had a bit of a session and aren't actually capable of leaving the premises under your own power.

And imagine waking up in a pub. What a way to start the day.

Have you ever seen such ridiculously tall pumps? If you're not at least 6ft 5in, don't even think about applying for a job pulling pints here.

More to the point though, what the pissing hell are all those gnomes doing behind the bar?

Plenty going on. There's some furious text messaging, for starters.

Not to mention the first-rate teapot impression that bloke's doing while leaning against the fruit machine.

It's a scientifically proven fact that anyone under the age of 24 is incapable of going to the pub unless it's as part of a group of at least 10 people.

If there's one thing worse than comedy slogan T-shirts, it's comedy slogan pint glasses.

Head out the back and they've got what amounts to a posh gazebo and - in those twisty plant things - some of the most quixotic beer-garden shrubbery you'll ever see.

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