Thursday, 16 April 2009

Canton Cross Vaults

1 Leckwith Road, Canton [map]

And so to Canton, home of the Chapter Arts Centre, Charlotte Church, a sex shop that provided the name for a Super Furry Animals album and - as evidenced by the Canton Mile - an awful lot of pubs.

Canton Cross Vaults is the oldest hostelry in the area and dates from the late 19th century. History and beer all in one slightly uninviting package.

No frills here. That 'Double up for a £1' sign is about as much of a (grammatically challenged) design flourish as the place can muster.

Its cosy dimensions mean this feels less like a normal boozer than it does a very large front room. Albeit one with a particularly well-stocked bar, dartboard, fruit machine and an extensive menu of fried foods.

The staff clocked us taking these photos and later accused us of being undercover coppers (this was the day before City were playing the Jacks at Ninian Park, so they were a bit twitchy).

The moral being: if you want to enliven an otherwise uneventful visit to a random pub, just start taking snapshots on a cameraphone.

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