Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Westgate

49 Cowbridge Road East, Canton [map]

That's what you want from the outside of a pub. Solid. Self-assured. Looks a bit like it might be made of Lego.

Have you ever seen a bar so gleaming? You could eat your dinner off it. (Disclaimer: don't.)

Indeed, it's possibly the neatest bar ever. Not an upturned pint glass or gaudy charity collection box out of place.

You know what they say: a tidy bar is a tidy mind.

Nice feature wall there. Laura Ashley wallpaper, if we're not mistaken.

It's a slightly odd touch to have an enormous portrait of the landlord positioned so prominently though.

The smokers' area out the back is so well appointed it even has its own plasma screen telly.

In other news, the woman on the left appears to have requested to have her pint served across two separate half-pint glasses.

But given that we'd just been openly guzzling beer tapas - three different ales, each served in a third-pint glass - who are we to judge?

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