Friday, 4 March 2011

Golden Cross

282 Hayes Bridge Road, Cardiff [map]

The Golden Cross - a proper bit of old Cardiff and one of Wales's most popular gay pubs - is just round the corner from the swish new cathedral of consumerism that is St David's 2. But it might as well be in another world.

For starters, when did you last see net curtains like that?

There's an impressive selection - some would say an overload - of lagers. Does anywhere really need to provide both Foster's and Carling?

Dedicated lager drinkers that we are, even we can't tell the difference between the two.

The intricately detailed ceramic bar dates from the 19th century.

We're more interested in the blackboard on the right though, which states that, every day, happy hour starts at 11am.

We'll say that again: 11am!

This slightly odd red room through the back is like something out of Twin Peaks.

(Midget just out of shot.)

The place hosts regular karaoke and cabaret nights. Although, to be honest, that's less of a stage, more of a large upturned box.

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