Friday, 4 February 2011

Floyd's Bar

23 High Street, Cardiff [map]

It's easy to miss this one, perched as it is unobtrusively above Floyd Clothing.

There's always an added sense of anticipation heading into a bar for the first time that's at the end of a flight of stairs.

It could be amazing. It could be shit. No way of knowing without giving it a go.

Up the stairs we trundle.

Nothing on tap - this is a bottles-only affair. Plenty of choice though, from Grolsch and Peroni to a selection of your more outré (not to mention pricey) spirits.

The barkeep is having a bad night, though. Someone asks for (if we remember correctly) a White Russian.

It takes at least three goes - you can see the parade of failed attempts on the middle shelf.

We decide to go all experimental (by our standards) and opt for Crabbie's Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

It is served with neither glass nor ice, something of a requisite for this sort of fare. Such is the kind of mishap you invite when you stray from the lager.

Ah, right. The Photographer, camera botherer extraordinaire that he is, appears to have taken a barely-lit shot of an empty table and four chairs.

Can't really think of anything amusing to say about this. Sorry.

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cardiffblogger said...

It's like an episode of "Most Haunted"!