Sunday, 21 June 2009

Y Fuwch Goch

Womanby Street, Cardiff [map]

Y Fuwch Goch marks a first in the short history of Pint of 45 in that its management actually asked for the bar to be reviewed - and even offered to furnish us with free drinks in the process.

Let's make one thing absolutely clear though. Anyone who suggests that we're prepared to bypass our journalistic integrity for the sake of a couple of pints of complimentary lager would be absolutely right.

Y Fuwch Goch - it's Welsh for The Red Cow - is operated by the same people who run Clwb Ifor Bach over the road. Hence the totally unpronounceable name.

There's a limited choice of draughts, although if you're a fan of mid-market lagers - and we are - you're well served by Amstel (which weighs in at a very reasonable £2.50 a pint) and Heineken. A bit classier than the Carlings of this world but a few pints won't leave you hopelessly twisted.

We were there pretty early on in the evening, so not much happening just yet. But there are regular gigs and comedy nights - although the latter will be slightly lost on you if you don't speak Welsh.

We have some concerns regarding the procedure for ordering food. "Tick the box to choose your meal!" enthuses the menu. It all sounds so simple.

But what if two people - to quote Belinda Carlisle - want the same thing? What if you don't have a pen? What if you have just lost both your hands in a bizarre gardening accident and, even if you did have a pen, couldn't use it anyway? It's a logistical nightmare.

It's on the same site as the old Horse & Groom but you'd never recognise it as such. With its exposed brickwork, stripped floorboards, comfy sofas and distinct lack of windows, it's like a particularly well-appointed booze dungeon.


Cwrci said...

If you speak Welsh then Clwb Ifor Bach & Y Fuwch Goch are not unpronouncable names....and they are after all in the capital city of Wales...

David Rhys said...

My brother doesn't speak a word of Welsh but still pronounces them fine. Its only the limited few who make no effort when they visit places