Thursday, 23 April 2009

Bar Cuba

9 The Friary, Cardiff [map]

Do bars in Cuba really look like this? Probably not. Still, the pseudo-shack facade certainly makes a change from the blandly modernist exteriors of the other bars around here.

For the record, it's absolutely nowhere near a beach - despite what it says over the door.

Indeed, a 'beach cocktail lounge' is a pretty unlikely theme for a drinking hole in Cardiff city centre. But Bar Cuba's idiosyncratic approach is part of its appeal.

That, plus the fact that it never seems to get busy during the week, so you're always served straight away. A good choice then if you're really thirsty.

For somewhere that's meant to be at the seaside, it's all a bit gloomy.

The balcony houses a few extra tables, a tiny bar and some really terrible paintings.

We spotted Noel from Hear'Say in here once. Perhaps he was waiting for the free beer.

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