Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Cottage

25 St Mary Street, Cardiff [map]

St Mary Street's hidden gem, this. That none-more-black facade has all the hallmarks of the classic inner-city boozer.

They've tried to sex it up with some bunting and a couple of posters in the window but they're not fooling anyone. This is a proper pub for proper drinking.

A lovely old-fashioned bar. Not the widest range of drinks on offer but it's a dependable selection that says you're in safe hands.

The far end features something of a dining area. You can just sit here and drink, if you like - although the All Day Breakfast at £4.50 has got to be tempting.

And it's always reassuring to see a kitchen that's in full view of the punters.

Does anyone know what these buttons actually do? They're littered along the walls next to each table. We were tempted to press one in the name of research but didn't. Which was a poor effort, admittedly.

This photo was taken from a bit of weird angle, probably as a result of being put off by that bloke at the bar watching us. We bet he'd be able to tell us what those buttons are for though.

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