Sunday, 11 September 2011


Park Chambers, Park Place, Cardiff [map]

Tucked away just off Queen Street, Henry's is one of those places we always seem to walk past but hardly ever go in.

Which is slightly surprisingly given that its generous menu of various grades of cooking lager includes Carling, Stella, Heineken and Grolsch.

It's also pretty big on wine. We're best kept away from the wine though - turns out that if you down it at the same rate we usually consume lager, bad things happen.

The airy, colonial-style interior is elegantly done.

Not sure about those high tables though. As Will Self puts it, they are "an import from US sports bars that have no real function unless there's a screen somewhere in the mid-distance showing NFL playoffs." (There isn't.)

Don't know what's going on here but it looks as if it's not so much a big night out as a board meeting.

We're pretty sure the woman with her back to us is taking minutes.

Over in the other direction are two blokes at the bar engaged in a Very Serious Conversation.

No one here seems to be having much fun.

The Photographer suggests we liven things up by one of us vaulting off that table and performing a flying neckbreaker on the statue facing the door ("Don't worry, that huge plant next to it will cushion your landing," he says).

As it is, we quietly finish our pints and head off without incident, while discussing last night's episode of Come Dine With Me.


Chris Carra said...

Great blog! I am looking to start something similar (don't worry, it's in Swansea, so not directly competing against you!).

Keep up the good work!

Pint of 45 said...

Hey Chris, glad you're enjoying Pint of 45. Good luck with the Swansea blog - Wind Street alone should keep you busy for a bit (last time we were there, the night ended in karaoke followed by The Photographer losing his shoes). Send us a link when it's live and we'll help spread the word.

Rhys Wynne said...

lager includes Carling, Stella, Heineken and Grolsch.


Pint of 45 said...

Ha, well we just really like lager. What can I say?