Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Promised Land

4 Windsor Place, Cardiff [map]

We're not ones for rhetorical questions. Which is a good job really, as otherwise we'd be forced to ask: is this the least modestly named bar in Cardiff?

Still, this does feel like a bit of a find - a welcoming and intimate drinking den, just off the wrong end of Queen Street.

Closer inspection of the chalkboard on the right reveals the promise (or should that be the threat?) of a "Paul Weller All-Dayer". If anything's going to drive you to the bottle…

Modfather or otherwise, we march to the bar and wave our Pint of 45 credentials, whereupon we are immediately furnished with complimentary San Miguels.

And here are those very pints. There's nothing quite so delicious as free lager.

We perch at tables opposite the bar, at which there's plenty of lively banter taking place - despite the fact of it being the middle of a weekday afternoon.

Haven't these people got jobs to go to?

Further down is a little bistro-style dining area. Perfect if you need a bit of grub to soak up all that San Miguel.

We shamble upstairs for a nose at the second bar, where preparations are underway for what appears to be a children's birthday party.

Either that, or they're in the process of attempting to inflate enough helium balloons with which to fly away and escape the hell of it all.

One or the other.

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