Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Traders Tavern

David Street, Cardiff [map]

Nothing fancy going on here. Just good, honest pubbery.

Although notice how the outdoor furniture has been carefully coordinated with the rest of the colour scheme. They've put some thought into this.

Step inside and it's a beery assault of the senses, all stained glass, dark wood and curves. Just looking at this photo is enough to make you feel drunk.

The walls are strewn with adverts for gigs that have taken place at the CIA, which is just over the road.

Peer closely and you'll be able to spot a flier for a Peter Andre concert. One can only assume that the landlord possesses a particularly surreal sense of humour.

Steak and chips for £5.95 - you can't argue with that. Given that the price is chalked in, there is the underlying suggestion that it could go up at any given moment. Don't say we didn't warn you.

More curves. Nicely complemented by a Neil Sedaka poster.

You could basically live in the Traders - they even serve breakfast from 9am. The fact that they've chosen to advertise this via a notice Blu-Tacked to a mirror in the toilets does slightly put you off, though.

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