Monday, 25 May 2009

The Goscombe

160 Cowbridge Road East, Canton [map]

Despite being named after a sculptor who assisted in the restoration of Cardiff Castle, The Goscombe's exterior is wholly unremarkable, save for the 'Smith & Jones pub' motifs. 

We always did wonder what happened to Mel Smith.

You're met with a reassuringly long bar - the sort of bar that says, Even if we're dead busy, you'll still be able to secure a delicious pint of lager post-haste. 

Shame there's no handrail though, the sort of thing that always comes in handy for steadying yourself a few pints in.

Our prize: a pint of 45. Lovely job.

We always like a pub that has booths, even if they are festooned in a gruesome stripy material that evokes a particularly trippy optical illusion - especially if you've been at the booze all day. 

They're conducive to proper conversation and proper drinking (booths that is, not stripy fabrics).

Stripy booths aside, The Goscombe follows an entirely familiar chain pub template and, as such, has about as much character as a branch of McDonald's.

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