Wednesday, 29 April 2009

The Canton

6 Llandaff Road, Canton [map]

"Welcome to your new local" is a bit of a presumptuous sign to hang outside your pub on a number of levels (not least if, like us, you don't actually live in Canton). Still, you can't fault the sentiment.

This, as you can probably tell, is a Brains pub. Yet they'd run out - run out! - of 45. We were offered Stella instead. Which for a quiet, afternoon pint seemed like an unnecessarily potent choice. We stuck with session lager.

Note trendy bar stools. They don't really fit in with the rest of the decor but they're probably pretty comfy.

There's a proper traditional pub atmosphere here. Everyone in this picture is in the process of having some beer-fuelled banter. Perfect.

Local sporting memorabilia is dotted all over the place, the best of which is a signed Joe Calzaghe poster.

The great thing about this photo is that it could have been taken 30 years ago (well, apart from the fact that there's a Next carrier bag in shot, but you get the idea).

The Canton may not end up being your new local and it needs to sort out its roster of lagers. But it remains a great Cardiff boozer.


Carl Morris said...

Great blog and good post.

Although, in spite of 45 being made by SA Brain and Co, it will never be "Brains" to me.

Pint of 45 said...

Thanks for the kind words Carl!

I know what you mean about 45 not being 'proper' Brains but sometimes you've just got to have a lager…