Friday, 21 November 2008

10 Feet Tall

11a-12 Church Street, Cardiff [map]

It's a bar, it's a club, it's a restaurant, it's a live music venue. Indeed, there's a lot going on at 10 Feet Tall, which is from the same people who run the Buffalo Bar on Windsor Place.

But our needs are simple: we just want a pint.

To this end, 10 Feet Tall isn't an obvious choice. The range of drinks is geared towards cocktails and the selection of draught beers is limited. We were there on a quiet weekday evening but, even so, the service wasn't exactly speedy.

We do like the slightly eccentric decor though. This is the mezzanine dining area and, yes, your eyes are deceiving you. That's not a library at the end of the room but crazily patterned wallpaper. Those japesters.

The food is reasonably priced although there was a faint smell of vomit near where we were sitting, which doesn't exactly whet the appetite.

It's all a bit self-consciously trendy but it's worth popping in at least once, if only to have a gander at the wallpaper.

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