Friday, 22 October 2010

The Romilly

69-71 Romilly Crescent, Pontcanna [map]

We like a good pub sign - you don't see enough of them. This one, inevitably, features a painting of a romilly.

Sometimes The Photographer just snaps away surreptitiously, hoping no one takes any notice.

But he asked permission here as it was pretty quiet. This is the barmaid phoning the manager to check if it's OK.

Note limited selection of spirits behind the bar, offset by a sizeable display of Hamlet cigars. Curious.

The main action is by the handful of tables just as you come in. By 'action', we mean a couple of locals sitting around having a chat.

Round the other side of the bar and it's all pretty standard stuff. We'd like to know what's in that blue carrier bag though.

We quite like The Romilly but this could be any pub really, couldn't it?

Good size beer garden that actually features a bit of garden. There's even a bird bath in there - something that can't be said of enough pubs these days.


Jon Britton said...

I've been to The Romilly a couple of times, although only on a Sunday afternoon when its been very quiet. It's an alright pub, I like the look of the entrance area and the bar, but the back bit feels a bit soulless. That said, it was Sunday! It does have a jukebox though and sells find behind the bar - handy!

Pint of 45 said...

You're right, the back bit is rather soulless. Probably alright if you want something to eat though…