Friday, 17 April 2009

The Admiral Napier

239 Cowbridge Road East, Canton [map]

From this angle, The Admiral Napier looks like nothing so much as an outsize suburban house. That also happens to sell lovely booze.

It's a Brains-run joint, so there's the full array of local ales on tap. Good to see the bar snacks include McCoy's - the sort of crisp that you feel could really soak up some beer.

Weirdly, if you type McCoys into Google (no apostrophe), the top result is a guide to British massage parlours. We seem to have gone slightly off-topic here.

Everyone's welcome. Even the Invisible Man pops in every so often for a quiet pint.

The back room is the games area - there's a quiz machine, pool table and dartboard. Plenty to keep you entertained.

Back in the main bar, everyone's gearing up for the Grand National. Betting slip in one hand, pint in the other - it's the sort of beery optimism that Saturday afternoons are made for.

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