Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Owain Glyndwr

10 St John Street, Cardiff [map]

The Owain is not so much a pub as an institution. It's a huge place although it's lost much of its earthy charm since it was refurbished in a wine bar stylee in June 2007.

There's always plenty going on - there's a load of sports-riddled plasma screens, DJs or live music four nights a week, a separate upstairs restaurant and a leaking ceiling. It's like a booze-fuelled version of Center Parcs.

It's not often you'll go into a pub and see so many clipboards left lying around. We aspire to being organised, it's saying, but we got a bit distracted by something else and… has anyone seen my clipboard around here?

It's the sort of thing we'd probably do if we actually ran a boozer, as opposed to simply making wry comments about them.

This is part of the upstairs section. Yet more TV screens and some really ill-advised wallpaper, although there's quite a good view over St John Street.

And what's better than a pint combined with the opportunity to spy on passing shoppers?

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