About us

OLIVER HURLEY does the words. Contrary, in all likelihood, to the impression given elsewhere on this blog, he earns a living through journalism.

Despite having contributed to a slew of newspapers, magazines and websites over the years, the only publication that has ever stiffed him is local listings mag Buzz, which has owed him £30 since 1998.

The proudest moment of his career was when Steve-O ended an interview by asking him, "God, how dumb are you, dude?"

He has written a book on professional wrestling and currently works for an interiors magazine, which may explain Pint of 45's fixation with lampshades.

He will happily consume any lager that doesn't start with the letter C.

PHIL JONES takes the photos. By day, he works for a dental supplies firm and once provided a performance artist with the surgical equipment necessary to sew his own lips together. By night, he dons a mask and cape while dabbling in freelance photography.

He has taken pictures for a variety of magazines, including The Big Issue, Skin Deep, Power Slam and Loaded (not those sort of pictures).

He can consume up to 12 pints of lager during a single session but has had to give up tea as it gives him heartburn. Go figure.

For the record, neither man was a particular fan of pints of 45. It just sounded like a good name for a blog.