Sunday, 12 June 2011

Sam's Bar

63 St Mary Street, Cardiff [map]

What was for ages the ludicrously monikered Zync is now back to its old name of Sam's Bar. Although you've probably gathered that already from the huge banner proclaiming as much.

This photo makes it look as if sitting outside here has all the allure of going for a pint in a Lidl car park.

On the upside, having a beer on its sizeable terrace affords the opportunity to take in the splendour of the Cafe Quarter without having to waste precious drinking time by actually ordering any food.

It's not much to look at inside but it does the job. They have plenty of lagers on tap, so that's enough to keep us happy.

Of course, with it being a sunny day, everyone's sitting outside. Leaving the place looking like some sort of abandoned industrial unit, just with added fruit machine.

A rather peculiarly angled shot of some table football action. Remember lads: no spinning.

Its rock credentials - speakers pumping out AC/DC, grim reaper motif - are somewhat at odds with the tasteful brown and beige seating. It's like the Next homeware department going on a day trip to the Download festival.

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