Monday, 26 April 2010

The 147 Bar

147 City Road, Roath [map]

The outside of this place really is making quite the statement.

If pressed, we'd be inclined to suggest that such a statement includes the phrase, "I ain't sayin' nothin' without my solicitor."

Inside, and the lagers are secured without incident. Note chair for those quieter moments and extensive range of nibbles littered throughout the bar area.

You won't go wanting for pig-flavoured corn-based snacks here.

The clientele is predominantly composed of the very old and the very young, notwithstanding the fact that The 147 Bar isn't really an obvious destination if you're responsible for looking after a two-year-old for the afternoon.

Despite the peculiarly ramshackle vibe, we like the fact that there's plenty of formal dining furniture, as if the chef might be about to drum up a Michelin-starred tasting menu at any moment.

The Photographer claims to have overheard people talking about him taking pictures which, he says, "Put me off a bit."

Honestly, if he only put as much effort into taking decent snapshots as he does into coming up with excuses…

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Sue Milford said...

The owner of this place takes inappropriate sides in disputes amongst members of the public who attend and ejects ladies instead of known drug addicts who abuse ladies and inappropriately slander them and gossip and illegally retain their property. He should not take sides, other landlords don't. He entertains the sort of people in this venue who are referred to as "trash" by others. If the police did a raid here, they would have a field day!!