Friday, 1 October 2010

The Halfway

247 Cathedral Road, Pontcanna [map]

What an audaciously inappropriate name for a drinking establishment. It's impossible to look at the signage without instinctively wanting to tag 'house' on to the end of it.

Although if your idea of a halfway house is a pub, you really are in trouble.

There's a certain hazy quality to these pics, as if the famous Pontcanna smog hasn't quite burned off yet.

Still, through the mist, we can just about discern a familiar selection of lagers on tap - which takes care of the principal qualification we look for in a tavern.

The interior is sombre enough that it maintains the aspect of a traditional boozer, although an outsize TV set and quiz machine inevitably make an appearance.

We've often thought of pubs as hallowed ground - but that bloke seems to be having an actual religious experience.

Curiously, this Brains-run establishment is home to exactly the same model of typewriter that Pint of 45 is composed on. What are the chances?

Outside is a miniature courtyard primarily composed of bunting and pieces of furniture so archaic and uncomfortable that they may well have been used as medieval torture devices.

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