Sunday, 16 August 2009

The End

2 Wyeverne Road, Cathays [map]

Never has a pub been more appropriately named.

What was once a towering booze emporium is now up for sale, while eking out what must surely be the last few weeks of its existence in an utterly dismal fashion.

It gives us no satisfaction to report that drinking here is a wholly depressing experience.

They're clearly running down the stock, so half the taps are off. And the fridges in most people's houses have more grog in them than the ones behind the bar here.

As the barman pulled our pints, he actually rested his head on the pump, as if the ennui was just too much for him. We had every sympathy.

Still, the pool tables are free, as a result of them stuffing carrier bags down the pockets. Decent tables, too.

They even have proper 'D's - none of that anywhere-behind-the-line nonsense.

But even a couple of games of complimentary cue sports couldn't disguise the fact that it was just us, a barman on suicide watch and, apropos of nothing, some ear-splitting handbag house.

Bit of an odd dynamic, to be honest.

Yours for £495,000. In fairness, there's a decent boozer trying to get out here. It's all down to you now, James A Baker.

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