Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Claude

140 Albany Road, Roath [map]

Now this is an enormo-plex of a watering hole if ever there was one.

Yet another place that has TVs behind the bar. Is that a thing now?

Note also Welsh flags hanging from ceiling (presumably in case you guzzle so much ale that you forget which country you're in) and charity collection box next to till for the National Institute for the Care of Alcoholic Dogs (Roath branch).

A baffling array of seating options - you can't really see it here but the tables actually stretch off into the distance for another half-mile or so.

Indeed, when your decision-making faculties are already impaired by the fact of being in the grip of serious session of daytime boozing, it's simply too much choice.

Panicking, we escape through a side door and are thrust into this curious outside area, which houses what looks like a particularly sumptuous cattle shed.

It's never-ending this place. We eventually saunter back indoors and, after yomping for a further 20 minutes, come across this pantheon of pool tables.

We'd have a game but, frankly, we're too knackered after all that walking.

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