Friday, 4 June 2010

Poets Corner

56 City Road, Roath [map]

The unremarkable nature of the exterior of this building (unless you count the brewery's inability to use an apostrophe) belies the towering alcohol funhouse that it accommodates.

One of the pub's 17 bars.

The range of beers covers the customary assortment of gaseous lagers (Foster's, Beck's, Heineken, Stella) and ridiculously named real ales (Flaming Chihuahua Testes).

Nice to see that bloke in the specs helpfully posing for this photo.

Plenty of corners in which to perch - including an inviting mezzanine level - while supping your pint and setting the world to rights.

But if a drink and a natter isn't enough to keep you entertained, then head upstairs, where you'll find arcade games, pool tables, even a pinball machine.

As vividly demonstrated by this bloke racing past the telly, there's so much going on that some punters become utterly overwhelmed by the cavalcade of multi-sensory stimuli and respond by running laps around the place like seven-year-olds pumped full of Ritalin.

Bit odd, this picture. One suspects that it's the result of The Photographer lying in an intoxicated heap on the floor at the time.

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