Sunday, 11 April 2010

Cardiff Arts Institute

29 Park Place, Cathays [map]

What was once Incognito is now the confusingly-named Cardiff Arts Institute, an eccentrically-decorated bar/eatery/music venue/gallery.

With regards to that bloke on the right: it's not obligatory to have a little cry on the way in, although some people do find it helps.

Professionals that we are, we don't let it put us off though.

Our reward: a veritable chorus line of lagers. Beautiful. Note also teetering stack of board games.

We hate board games.

The overall effect of the decor is akin to visiting a branch of Ikea while mashed off your face on high-powered blotter acid. (We're guessing, obviously.)

We're with Nicki from Cardiff Bites, who is taking copious notes - making this, between us, the most scrupulously chronicled bar meal of all time.

Incredible self-reviewing art installation.


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