Monday, 31 August 2009

The Borough Arms

8 St Mary Street, Cardiff [map]

If ever you're so desperate for a pint that you find yourself running into a public house, The Borough's a good option.

See how wide that entrance is: whatever your speed and angle of approach, you can't really fail to make it through the door. Just try not to knock any of those blokes over on the way in.

Once you've regained sufficient breath to order the boozes, you'll notice that The Borough has plenty more going for it than just a generously-proportioned doorway.

Despite the progressive flourishes - ubiquitous sport-spewing tellybox, fluorescent price tags on the pumps - this remains the sort of classic, inner-city boozer in which there's no shame in being on your second pint by 12.15pm on a Saturday afternoon.

What a glorious view. You couldn't ask for a more pub-like pub. It's like some sort of meta-pub.

Rules! We've got some rules around here.

The far end of the establishment is all pool table, drinking chairs and knick-knacks. In other words: the front room of your dreams.

Some confusion over what the place is actually called though. Those inverted commas around Borough suggest that it's named something else entirely.

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