Monday, 1 November 2010

The Cricketers

66 Cathedral Road, Pontcanna [map]

There's plenty to take in as you approach The Cricketers, including an appallingly parked bicycle and an entirely unanticipated barbecue - via the fact that a member of ZZ Top appears to be sat on one of the benches.

We're already a few drinks in but manage to hold it together for long enough to avail ourselves of some delicious lager.

Well, two pints of Carlsberg, anyway.

An abundance of eager bar staff. Just as well really, as there's lots going on for a Saturday afternoon - from a wedding party in one corner, to a live band down the end of a marquee (more of which in a moment).

There's loads of room, with a plethora of comfy seating and the whole place is tastefully - if slightly blandly - decorated.

The Cricketers also houses all the cutlery you could ever hope for.

We lurch out the back only to find ourselves in an enormous tent populated by a dozen or so punters gawping at a covers band known as Acoustic Zeppelin. Who, as the name suggests, perform acoustic versions of Led Zep songs.

As you can see, they're going down an absolute storm.

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