Sunday, 30 October 2011


Market Road, Canton [map]

We're at arts centre Chapter for the end-of-term prize-giving extravaganza that is the Wales Blog Awards.

Turns out we don't walk away with a gong (well, a sheet of paper in a clip frame) but we do guzzle about three bottles of complimentary Prosecco sparkling wine on the way out - so, on balance, it's still a pretty successful evening.

But before we're called into the assembly hall upstairs, we head into the large bar/canteen. It's busy for a school night but we're served sharpish.

Bar staff in action. Note large bucket, which is presumably there for the benefit of punters who overdo it on the sparkling wine front.

It's too brightly lit for our tastes but that does mean you can get a good look at the Elizabeth McDonald paintings. And we're all for a bit of art with our Amstel.

Various exotic beverages are also available at this pop-up beer festival bar. Although given that everything is priced at an astonishing £4.50 a pint, we decide against further investigation.

The view from our table. There are as many people having their tea as there are drinking booze, so it's not really somewhere to get especially inebriated.

Yet more seating round the corner.

Turns out that if you want to tip one of those tables on its side and roll it down the entire length of the room while chanting absurdist slogans, everyone just assumes it's a piece of performance art and lets you get on with it.


David said...

I was there while that mini-beer festival was on. To be fair, they had some nice German beers there, although I only stumped up the £4.50 as I was already pissed.

Still feels like drinking in the BBC Wales canteen, mind.

Pint of 45 said...

Yeah, there's definitely a tipping point of drunkenness where you stop worrying about the price of drinks (until the next morning, anyway).