Sunday, 18 September 2011


Kingsway, Cardiff [map]

What used to be basement indie dive (and Pint of 45 favourite) Cardiff Barfly reopened in February as the none-more-rock Bogiez.

It sounds like the sort of place you'd see in the gig listings of a 1987 issue of Kerrang! magazine. Which, naturally, makes it instantly appealing.

Turns out that tottering down a spiral staircase while clad in snakeskin cowboy boots isn't as easy as it looks.

Pretty decent selection of grog at the bar, including 75 per cent of south Wales' entire stock of Jägermeister.

We've popped in for a quick drink on the way to a gig at the university.

As such, given that it's about seven o'clock on a Monday evening, the rockocalypse we were hoping for hasn't really kicked off yet.

On the upside, the toilets are in a much better state than they used to be.

Don't ever play The Photographer at pool: his cueing is terrifyingly random. You'll definitely win but you may lose an eye in the process.

Gwwwaaarggghheeeuurrghh! (Etc.)


Dan said...

Trouble with this venue was (when it was Barfly) those pillars used to get in the way!

Pint of 45 said...

Also, the stage was only about six inches high, so if it was busy (and you weren't right down the front) you couldn't see a thing.