Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Woodville

1-5 Woodville Road, Cathays [map]

This Scream-owned joint is a student institution.

Who knows how many snakebite and blacks have been downed here over the years? (Do students still drink snakebite and black, or have we just inadvertently revealed ourselves to be the old-timers that we really are?)

Plenty of snazz going on here. After all, what's a pint without some bunting?

Remarkably, there are seven different flavours of lager on tap, which seem to have been lined up strictly in order of sophistication, from the wholly unappealing Carlsberg on the left to the highfalutin Staropramen on the right.

We hedged our bets and went for the safe middle ground of Foster's. You know where you are with Foster's.

Christ, there's a lot going on with this decor. Fairy lights, purple stripes, wall-mounted TV sets, a red-and-white check tablecloth… and why is there a hymn board with the word 'Aaaah' daubed on it?

Further into the pub and we seem to have reached the mother lode of young people enjoying themselves.

By enjoying themselves, we mean trying to drink enough to be able to forget about the fact that they'll each have around £15,000-worth of debt when they graduate.

I think we were trying for something a bit arty with this shot. Didn't really work.

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