Friday, 17 September 2010

33 Windsor Place

33 Windsor Place, Cardiff [map]

The more attentive (and sober) among you will by now have spotted that 33 Windsor Place - to give it its full, none-less-imaginative title - isn't actually open in this photo.

But we haven't resorted to breaking into licensed premises for the sake of a blog post. Not yet anyway.

It was simply too dark during our visit for The Photographer to get a decent shot of the outside.

Either that or, having recently achieved optimum inebriation, he forgot to take the picture at the time and had to go back for it at a later date - take your pick.

Enormous 45 pumps taking pride of place there, with Brains' other beers nestled to the right.

You can always tell when a drinkery fancies itself as a bit posh when - as is the case with the Guinness and Strongbow in the foreground - it doesn't use the proper badges on the pumps but instead goes for generic and indistinguishable labels.

Which, to be honest, isn't massively helpful when you've been at the booze all day and need all the visual clues you can get.

We always appreciate a good lampshade and, in this department, 33 doesn't disappoint.

It's a pleasant enough place for a couple of pints but anywhere that takes this many design cues from All Bar One isn't trying hard enough.

A bit of wall and a large, dark blob. Not, we have to concede, our finest work.

Although the fact that The Photographer is capable of operating a camera at all by this point is an achievement in itself.


David said...

This was the starting and finishing point on a recentish pub crawl of Brains pubs. Printed off a load of half price vouchers for Sagres, went to each participating pub giving false names/email addresses on each voucher.

It all ended abruptly when we pushed our luck just a bit too much by trying it on a second time here. Night over, but good times were had.

Pint of 45 said...

Good effort though! I like a drop of Sagres - reminds me of being on holiday.