Friday, 3 June 2011

The Central Bar

39 Windsor Place, Cardiff [map]

Of the 17 Wetherspoons in Cardiff, this is one of the more inviting branches - not least because it's possible to eschew the front door entirely and dive straight in through one of the open windows, Dukes of Hazzard stylee.

Although after what happened to The Photographer last time he made such an entrance, our advice is not to try it if you've just downed three J├Ągerbombs on an empty stomach.

Quite how they expect anyone to order a pint of something called Elderwych - it's even got a picture of some sort of tree-witch on the badge - and hope to retain a sense of dignity remains a mystery.

That said, if you've just come crashing through the window in a misguided bid to replicate a scene from an early '80s American TV series, then retaining a sense of dignity is probably fairly low on your list of priorities.

A rabble of spirits, overlooked by a dragon made out of rusty bits of metal.

This, of course, could be an interior shot of any Wetherspoon, ever. Which is what makes it so appealing and, equally, so dismal.

We're just off for a little cry.

More of the same upstairs.

No shortage of reading material in the loos.

Between the menu of premium lagers, roast-of-the-day details and a machine that dispenses fake Viagra pills, they've got the key interests of their male clientele pretty much covered.

Worst Beer Garden Ever.


Tech said...

Yes, Central Bar does have the worst beer garden ever - I spent many a night at this place when I was underage, as it was the only place we could all get served - the upstairs was our domain, ah, so many memories...

Pint of 45 said...

Still, not a resounding recommendation…