Sunday, 28 November 2010

The Conway

58 Conway Road, Pontcanna [map]

It's a curious place this - but we like it. From the outside, it's a slightly uncomfortable cross between an old-school alehouse and a modish gastro pub.

Which is pretty much what it's like on the inside.

We're not really ones for real ale but couldn't resist something that's brewed in Pontypridd and is simply called Boss.

Lager lovers, fear not though: your Carling et al is round the other side of the bar.

We're all for putting an area aside for a particular variety of spirit, although dubbing this Whisky Corner is somewhat overstating things.

Some Bottles on a Shelf would be more accurate.

The main boozing area is fairly poky but that does mean you're never more than about three feet from the bar, which is no bad thing.

We eventually burst through to the other side of the pub (walking casually proves tricky after a few pints of Boss, it seems) to uncover the dining area.

Segregating the serious foodies from the serious drinkers is, it transpires, a sound idea after all.

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