Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Juno Lounge

14 Wellfield Road, Roath [map]

Whatever word you stick before bar - cafe, sports or, heaven forbid, wine - it always makes it sound less appealing. Especially if, as we perpetually are, you're just after a pint.

But there's always an exception to a rule and, in Juno Lounge, we may well have found it.

For starters, they serve the very pleasant Catalan pilsner Estrella.

Although this does lead us on to a lengthy conversation about the chances of getting mugged while wandering, pissed, along La Rambla in Barcelona (high), and the best course of action should this unfortunate occurrence take place (ensure that you're accompanied by a large professional wrestler who is perfectly happy to punch the assailant upside the head on your behalf).

Bar staff in action.

It's been a while since we've stumbled upon some decent light fittings in a Cardiff drinkery but Juno Lounge more than compensates with its preposterous chandelier/brown tasselled lampshade hybrids.

You don't get those in Ikea.

The downstairs bit. Imagine if that blackboard accidentally fell off the wall and hit someone on the head. It'd definitely kill them.

Something to bear in mind next time you're here and wondering where to sit.

Similar stuff going on upstairs, just with added staring bloke.

There's something a bit discombobulating about a wall full of mismatched mirrors (especially if you've just consumed eight pints of lager).

The roof terrace is made only slightly less appealing by the fact that it attracts the type of bloke (far left) who thinks it's OK to go out in public clad in a white vest and a trilby.


Side Street Style said...

I am never going to sit by the chalkboard now that you have pointed that out haha. I used to like Juno bar very much but we went there the other day with our 9month old son - who is extremely well behaved and loves people and busy places but he does get alittle excited when he eats his food and makes noises of delight - when he started babbling one of the staff kept giving us funny looks - but it's okay for the pissed table of gaggling girls near us to make load noises and swear!

Pint of 45 said...

Hmmm, that does sound a bit annoying. Although if you are going to get pissed and swear, doing so in a bar doesn't seem entirely inappropriate.