Saturday, 21 February 2009


Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay [map]

One. It's the sort of bland, meaningless name that self-consciously hip bars seem to go for these days, isn't it?

It's in the lobby of the Millennium Centre so, if you fancy (or, indeed, need) a pint before engaging in a bit of culture, this'll do the trick.

But it's no place for a proper booze-up. There are more types of coffee on offer than there is beer.

On tap, there's just Stella and Heineken, which weighs in at a hefty £3.50 a pint. Prices like that are enough to drive anyone to drink.

As this artfully shot photograph demonstrates, there's also an extensive menu. Of course, the good thing about downing beer is that it's both a drink and a meal.

The glass walls mean you get a good view of the Roald Dahl Plass, under which Torchwood monitors alien activity.

You'll often see John Barrowman popping in here for a quick pint, in between battling hostile Martians. (I may have just made that up.)

But, ultimately, it just feels like a posh waiting room.

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