Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Vulcan Hotel

10 Adam Street, Adamsdown [map]

There aren't many Cardiff pubs left that can provide such resolutely old school thrills as The Vulcan.

But despite dating from 1853 - how many pints do you think have been downed here over the last 150 years? - it's only just been saved from being knocked down to make way for a car park for forthcoming mega-mall St David's 2.

Seriously, who could possibly opt for a car park over a slightly knackered old boozer with an enormous ship's wheel on the wall? Someone who clearly doesn't enjoy a pint.

Still, following a fund, a petition, a blog and plenty of local press, The Vulcan has been saved from extinction for at least another three years after the current landowner negotiated a new lease with Brains.

There's something of an unwritten rule that you have to have a shaved head in order to drink here.

Look at all those empties on the bar. It's only lunchtime but some serious boozing has clearly been taking place already. Not a massive array of drinks on offer but, between the session lagers, Stella, Brains and Guinness, you're not going to go thirsty.

Round the side to the 'lounge bar', where there's a more relaxed vibe afoot. So relaxed, in fact, that there's no one else in here. Nice Rowe-AMI jukebox though.

Those famous urinals in full. Marcel Duchamp would be proud.

Suffice to say, The Vulcan is not so much a pub as an institution. The ideal venue to absorb both some local history and a pint or six.

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