Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Tavistock

Bedford Street, Roath [map]

Tucked away just off City Road, The Tavistock is a pub's pub, from the traditional hand-painted signage to the homemade notices Sellotaped to the inside of the windows.

All in a pleasing verdant hue.

The double-sided bar takes the sort of fancy kitchens you see on Property Ladder as its cue and consists of an island in the middle of the room. An island stocked with gallons of lovely booze.

We can't help but think how differently Lost would have turned out had it been set on that sort of island.

A recent refurbishment resulted in everything being swathed in green vinyl. Even the fruit machine was covered in the stuff at one point, until some of the regulars complained.

Some sort of sporting event on the big screen involving - get this - a ball in the shape of an oval. Madness.

Just look at all that paperwork. Still, if you do need your own office space, what better place for it than behind a bar?

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