Thursday, 29 January 2009

The Model Inn

14-15 Quay Street, Cardiff [map]

The Model Inn is the boozy filling sandwiched between the High Street and Womanby Street.

Go there at the wrong time of day - as we did - and it's just a big empty room with an enormous telly, some tatty furniture and a truly disgraceful carpet. All of which is improbably soundtracked by a fine selection of old blues records.

It's a different story on weekends though, at which point it's transformed into a sweaty karaoke madhouse.

It's got a certain rugged charm, admittedly. But with so many other pubs nearby with more tangible appeal, there's little point in going here.

Unless you're suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to belt out a rendition of I Will Survive. In which case, this is clearly the pub for you.

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