Thursday, 30 October 2008

The Goat Major

33 High Street, Cardiff [map]

Just look at that. It's the city centre boozer of your dreams, isn't it? And what a name. The Goat Major.

It's the title given to the soldier who's responsible for looking after the Royal Regiment of Wales's mascot - which is, it almost goes without saying, a goat called Taffy. So there's a lot of exciting stuff going on here before you even step inside.

Once you do, you're met with a striking bar gleaming with brass fittings, plenty of dark wood panelling and, somewhat incongruously, a plasma telly in the corner.

More excitingly, there are some really comfy (if slightly knackered) armchairs by the window. Unfortunately, you can't see them here as we were sitting in them while taking the photo.

If you're after a quiet pint while flicking through the Echo, then this is the place: a haven for the discerning afternoon drinker.

1 comment:

H Dickins said...

The Gota Major is stil my favourite city centre pub.