Saturday, 7 April 2012

Buffalo Bar

11 Windsor Place, Cardiff [map]

There's always plenty going on at the Buffalo. When we roll up, various bands are in the process of loading in for a gig that's taking place upstairs.

That bloke on the left appears to be having a full-on brawl with his guitar amp - and losing.

To the bar, where 'Cocktails & Dreams' are on offer. And to think our ambitions extend only to a couple of pints.

There's something particularly pleasing about the symmetry of the shelving unit displaying the spirits.

Just to the left of it, you may notice there's a blackboard flaunting a panini menu. We've checked, and no one in the history of drinking has ever decided half-way through a big night out that they quite fancy a lightly toasted Italian bread stuffed with brie.

It's all a bit knowingly hip but, then, so are we. It's like our natural habitat. Ahem.

Squint a bit and this could be your gran's front room, just with added Stella 4.

You can imagine the conversation.

Smoker to non-smoker: "Do you fancy sitting outside?"

Non-smoker: "Not really. It's a bit cold and I think it's starting to rain."

Smoker, utterly oblivious to what's just been said: "Great, see you out there."

Non-smoker: "Er…"

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