Friday, 4 January 2013

Ffynnon Wen

Thornhill Road, Thornhill [map]

It's like two pubs in one, the Ffynnon Wen (which, according to Google Translate, means 'Ffynnon Wen' in English - thanks Google).

The first bit you get to is like an extravagant bungalow.

And then there's this cottagey section, which dates from the 17th century. The bollard by the entrance doesn't really add to the period charm but there you go.

We head to the bar to once again put our livers on the line. A word of advice: you really need to watch out for that beam.

It's difficult to tell as much from this photo but it's actually only just over 5ft high. Forget to duck in time (easily done if you're well on your way to being blootered - as we inevitably are) and it'll take your head clean off.

The Wen is big on food - as you can tell by the generous array of wicker baskets full of dressings and the like.

That said, we're advocates of sauces being supplied in squeezy bottles as opposed to individual sachets, which only create a large amount of condiment-based admin when really you want to be tucking straight into your burger and chips.

They're just about to close this area for some sort of private function. Whatever's taking place, we're certain that condiment-based admin will be involved.

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