Wednesday, 4 February 2015


31 Westgate Street, Cardiff [map]

Next stop, BrewDog - a bar so hipstery you're only allowed in if you're sporting a waxed moustache and a pair of tweed breeches, while riding a fixed-gear unicycle.

Fortunately, it's a look The Photographer has recently adopted (and, in fact, pulls off with some aplomb), so we make it through the door without incident.

Most of the drinks here are produced by BrewDog - "Beer for punks", as they put it - so it's more Five AM Red Ale (at £4.55 a pint, no less) than Foster's.

A lot of their stuff is in the six to seven per cent range and only comes in half or two-thirds of a pint measures. Something to do, we presume, with encouraging drinkers to appreciate the flavour and quality of the grog as opposed to simply downing industrial quantities of cheap, tasteless lager.

It'll never catch on.

On the plus side, the place does attract a slightly higher class of clientele than, say, the 'Spoons down the road. Indeed, just out of shot is Alain de Botton who, we learn, is particularly partial to a Shipwrecker Circus.

This booth isn't actually that big - it's just that those two men are very, very small.

Downstairs is this little nook, housing a sofa and a Nintendo 64 - although the Mario Karting was temporarily put to a stop recently when the TV blew up.

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